Joan taking the sustainable route

Joan is no stranger to the floristry industry, having owned and worked in various florist studios in both New Zealand and Australia for the past 25 years. She has a tonne of experience and upon seeing a shift towards Kiwis living more sustainably but still wanting to enjoy the little things, she decided to put her expertise to use once again, with the launch of Bundles and Bunches. 

Joan is passionate about providing beautiful, fresh flowers to the people of Waipa and doing so in a sustainable way. You won't see an excessive amount of packaging or cellophane with these bundles! 

All of our seasonal bundles come wrapped in hessian and natural twine, ready for you to unwrap and arrange to suit your style.  

"I’ve been a lover of flowers and floristry for a long time now, and delighted to see everyone coming on board with sustainability, especially with the rapid increase in Global warming".

"We all want our Children and Grandchildren to be able to smell the flowers so all of our Bundles, Bunches and Bespoke pieces are all produced sustainably with simple wraps made with either fabrics or crisp compostable papers".

New Zealanders are very creative so our Bundles are easily unwrapped and ready to be personalised to suit each individuals taste or style. 


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