Flower Gift Giving Guide: An arrangement for every occasion

A beautiful bunch of flowers make the perfect gift as they’re loved by so many and convey your feelings to the recipient whether you’re near or far. 

There are appropriate flowers and trends for all occasions, whether they be happy celebrations, or you’re sending your condolences, but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide which flowers, colours or styles are best fit for a certain occasion.

We’ve pulled together a gift buying guide to help you make an informed, thoughtful decision that we’re sure the recipient will love!


A beautiful large bouquet in a vase or wrapped for a vase make the perfect birthday gift for even the most hard to buy for people.

Bouquets can be customised to include the persons favourite flowers or colours, or even the general style to match their personality.

Small house plants are also popular and make great gifts, especially those that are easy-care and don’t need a lot of attention to thrive. 

Want to make your gift extra indulgent? Include a candle or lotion to your order. 


Nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful bunch of roses! Roses are the symbol of love, making them the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift.

Roses come in a variety of colours so you can choose their favourite colour, or stick to the classic red that will never disappoint.

If you wanted to go for something a little different, you can personalise any bouquets or arrangements to include their favourite flowers or colours, making it extra special.

Again, candles, reed diffusers and lotions are the perfect addition to take that beautiful gift to the next level 


Wanting to congratulate someone on their addition of a new baby? Dried arrangements or wreaths are the perfect go-to gift, with candles, lotions or reed diffusers to make that new mum feel special.

Another great option for new mums are low maintenance, easy care house plants such the Money Tree or a Peperomia.


When sending flowers to those who have just lost a loved one, lilies, roses and orchids are always great choices. You could also customise a bouquet with the favour colours or flowers of the deceased.

White flowers are traditionally used to send condolences but beautiful bright flowers are uplifting and beginning to become more popular for this sort of gift. Try to avoid flowers with strong scents as they linger.

Another thing to keep in mind when sending sympathy flowers is whether or not they need a vase. Sometimes arrangements delivered in a bag, jar, or with it’s own vase is a thoughtful way to save the recipient the hassle of having to find another vase, especially if they are likely to be receiving lots of flowers.

Dried or fresh wreaths also make great, care-free gifts.

In general, an easy and hassle free bouquet is the perfect sympathy gift.

Still unsure what arrangement will to choose for a special someone or occasion? Get in contact with us and we can help create the perfect gift. 


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