Sympathy Flower Suggestions

Some helpful suggestions for Sympathy Flowers

Sending flowers to the Bereaved is a thoughtful way to convey your condolences

and give them comfort.

Generally, flowers are sent to The Family or Loved ones at Home rather than

The Funeral Parlour.

Fresh,bright, colorful or subtle toned flowers are all appropriate. Often white

being a popular choice. (Representing Purity and Love)

Traditional flowers are Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, or any seasonal flowers.

Perfumed blooms are not advised as there will often be more than one

bouquet at the house, which can be overpowering with different scents.

Flowers should be designed in Natural Bouquets, Arrangements or Posies all

in water filled containers if possible for Easy care and transport if needed as

the flowers are often taken to the Service.

Plants are also a popular choice for longer lasting remembrance.

A simple message on a card attached, to accompany your choice is sufficient

to support your feelings.

I hope this has helped in someway as it is a difficult time for Everyone.


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